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UV unwrap Blender

Author: Arijus Bernotas - Published 2020-03-25 21:34 - (1180 Reads)

Sri Sarvasri Ananda
Sri Sarvasri Ananda
1 year ago
For those using Blender Beta 2.80 for these tutorials (and all 2.79 tutorials).
• Change Poliigon metals downloads to Metalness (not Specular), (click to change), use color jpg texture map.
• Once you add a material, the Surface can use the Principled BSDF shader (which is the default now). No change needed. Just click the Base Color drop-down menu (small-icon at right) to select image texture instead of color. Then you can search for the texture you want to use.
• Heat Map (Stretch) is in the - UV Editor > Display Menu (right corner) It's hidden unless your UV window is wide enough.
• Syncing Edit Mode with UV Map is now a Double-Diagonal-Arrows icon (left corner of UV editor)
• Shift-Alt-click edges or vertices in Edit Mode to select additional edges and vertices for Mark Seam (set selection mode to vertex, 1-key, not 2 or 3 keyboard key, i.e. not edge or face) – shift lets you add/delete (toggle) additional segments.
• When no seams are marked, vertices need to be selected in Edit Mode to see the UV map (just in case you think it's not there). Once seams are marked red, the UV map still displays when vertices are not selected (deselecting vertices allows you to clearly see the red seams). Lines that are seams will show as red when vertices are not selected. When selected, all edges are orange, (with seamed edges there is a very thin red line that's not so obvious).
• Solid view rather than LookDev view (z-key for pie select) makes it easier to select edges and vertices.
• X-Ray view (alt-z toggles) often makes it easier to make selections, but it also allows selections on the other side of the model by mistake.
• Wireframe view (shift z to toggle) also lets you see the seams easier. You'll see Andrew rapidly toggle view mode to wireframe as he is working.
• You may NOT want to allow transparent selection – in Edit Mode menu bar (icon is 2 squares w/vertices, next to the wireframe icon). It can make it difficult to see the vertices/edges that you want to select, and you may inadvertently select vertices/edges on other side of the model.
• Everything works correctly in either Cycles or Eevee render modes. Eevee is faster.
• It's not necessary to render to see results, just toggle Edit/Object mode with tab key. Andrew does this often.
2.80 is beta, so the interface may still change. Comments are as of March 10, 2019
Andrew is a master instructor, but he goes fast. It's very useful to pause the video very frequently to see the key presses he is using. His instruction is the best I have ever seen in any discipline. He keeps it light and fun. Yay!