or How To Make Tiki Great Again.. smile



...for an alcoholic the biggest problem is to accept - "Huston we have  a problem"...

...for a community/company/person to grow - means also - identify and eliminate problems... to identify problems is also a problem smile ... Listen to customers, survey the biggest problems -> put them on the website on a regular basis?

Some smalls steps towards a recovery... smile

Know and strive to Eliminate ->Trying to Solve:


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Know and strive to Eliminate Top 5 software problems:


  1. Social Login (I am working on it) (one of the reasons I started doing it  - easier community building and support)
  2. Side admin panel like webmin, wordpress etc (Jonny is working on it).
  3. Choice of Themes and/or profiles at least a step closer to WordPress
  4. Saas/scss and theme customisation improvement.
  5. Sizes of default fonts are too small. It makes websites look outdated.
  6. Remove Lato fonts as default - it makes lithuanian clients screaming.
  7. NEED to add useless editor...



Know and strive to Eliminate Top 5 community problems:


 1.  Make community growing again in number and quality  (first, by accepting that tiki usage and community dropped in numbers significantly)
 2. Improve support, feedback and (re)presentation. (too abstract, but as a starting point)
 3. Better Structured teams/forums/pages/social networks. -> Find volunteers/assign teams.
             3.1. Is tiki collecting and prioritising complaints about the community and support?
             3.2. Is tiki doing surveys/voting? -> Add community category to a wishlist + voting
and/or explain to people filling "community projects" with plain software bugs. -> Need a cleaning team?
             3.3. Analysis why so much difference in numbers comparing to wordpress on Facebook etc.?
             3.4. Who is responsible for community growth, forums etc.?
             3.5. Integrate wiki pages - bug reports - forums - mailing lists. But make a separate forum for mailing list -> Discuss


 4. Apprenticeship/involvement via main news flows/forums - involve/engage people into forums and assign tasks. -> Discuss (we do not have enough new and quality people joining and growing due to..). Idea How? Let's say we make a separate forum section "Socnets login". People ask questions there, fill bugs and wishlist somewhere else, offer improvements but I/we link/post on forums. Let's make forums as a main DRAFT news flow and then put permanent info into wiki or automatic posts to forums from wishlist/bug reports? I have this in mind with a view for future businesses as well. As a new type of project management.


 5. Remove the exaggerated claims from the front page about millions of downloads and hundreds of developers. It is the same as italians bragging about Roman Empire or lithuanians about the biggest European country during XV century. The reality now is much grimmer. If Jonny is dead, tiki has a big problem. Anyone else can answer questions on forums and solve problems  at his level?  And unfounded claims make much harder to believe about really good other things.

6. Forums are half-dead. simple question, no answer, the guy had left. eg  

And this is the reality.. Btw, the editor integrated into tiki is practically useless.,cm-wordpress

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