1. Put less subdomains/section names on top, but the same style
Sometimes section names are shown sometimes notPut subdomains/section names on top the same style???
The list of that drop-down menu is too longAlso, decide what subdomains/sections can be grouped???


About - TikiWiki

Documentation - TikiWki

Community - TikiWiki

Developers - TikiWki

Translations - TikiWiki

Extras - TikiWiki

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1.1. Joomla's solution is much more elegant

1.2. "WhyTiki" instead of "About tiki" with extended menu and categories by user types

RaygunMenu example
RaygunMenu example
2. Get rid of duplicated or empty sections
'Translation' is not found at all despite being shown in that long drop menu.It can go to the documentation section????


Translation - TikiWiki


3. Consistent search field in the menu
Suddenly you have only one search field but not in the menuPut the search fields???


Documentation - TikiWki


4. Consistent section buttons

Themes - TikiWiki

If you go there, you will be lost and will not find your way back to tiki.org ...


5. Visible and structured forums
Not logged-in users cannot see forumsSeparate dev emails from forums???
People who can answer not getting informed?Create more sections, assign subscribed moderators ???

Forums - TikiWiki